Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

I love seeing the holidays through my children's eyes. There's an excitement and enthusiasm that is just fun and contagious, especially as they get older. I always love fall and Halloween. My birthday is thrown in there to make October especially fun.

Our Halloween fun started last week. It continued this week with a parade and party at Little Man's preschool. I got to the school in time to watch the parade, except they went ahead and started early, so I missed it after all. I was kind of bummed, but Little Man had no idea. He was just thrilled with his bag of candy. I can't believe how big he's getting.

The next day was Big Man's school parade and class party. We have three different costumes for the boys, but they both chose to be Super Man at school. Throughout the last month, all of the costumes have been well worn.

I am the room mom for his class, so I was in charge of the party. I had a ton of help from a lot of the moms so it ended up being pretty easy. The kids had a good time. They were all so cute dressed up.

We've had our pumpkins for at least a month, but we didn't carve them until today. Little Princess enjoyed this the most. She was enthralled the whole time. Halloween has been fun with her this year.

I had to include this picture too. I don't know what they were doing, but I guess it was pretty funny.

By rights it should've been Jeff's turn to take them trick or treating this year, but I somehow ended up doing it. From about 3:00 on this afternoon it was cold and rainy, so we bundled up with tons of layers. The kids were so excited to go door to door and get candy. Little Princess had to go to every door with the boys, only she took twice as long. It was so cute to hear her say "Trick or Treat," only it sounds like "Trick or Pete". After a few houses, she would tell everyone "Happy Halloween." It may not sound cute, but you have to imagine her small little 2-year old voice. It was adorable.

At the end of the night the kids dumped out all their candy on the floor to look through it. They were so cute going through their candy, comparing piles, trading each other for some of their favorites, etc. Having kids definitely makes the holidays so much more fun. Next on to Thanksgiving and Christmas, two of my favorites. Oh and my Christmas shopping is pretty much done. Wahoo.

What really goes on...

I usually keep pretty good tabs on my kids, but during nap time my boys get have been up to trouble. It's not their nap time, but mine and Little Princess's. I have been so exhausted that I will lay down when she naps. I give the boys some rules: don't answer the phone or door, don't go outside, don't make a mess, and don't come bug me unless it's an emergency. They usually do pretty good, but sometimes I wake up to complete chaos.

The other day, I woke up to find our family room all set up for a birthday party for Little Man. He just had his birthday in September, but they didn't care. There were extra chairs set up and this gift bag full of presents. They were all toys from their room, treats, and a t-shirt. I love these boys. They are so creative and fun. Big Man also made him a birthday cake out of marshmallows and fruit snacks.

This next adventure is one I did not know about. Little Princess has played in the dryer before, but I didn't know the boys had. Here's their photo shoot.

The other morning we woke up to about 5 inches of snow. It was insane. Of course the kids had to be out playing in it all morning. It's so amazing the difference a year makes. Last year, Little Princess was too young to participate in most of the boy's activities. This year she won't be left out of anything. She looked pretty cute all bundled up.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And another one gone...

I knew it was only a matter of time before his second top tooth came out. Today while we were in the car, Big Man said his tooth was "hanging by a thread". I told him when we got home we'd try and pull it out and surprise dad. When we got home we had a message that I had to reply to, so he got a tissue and pulled it out himself while I was on the phone. The little booger, I wanted to pull it out. He was pretty proud of himself, and he looks super cute with no teeth.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

33 Years and counting...

Today was my birthday. I am a 1/3 of a century. That sounds so old, right? Sometimes I feel that old. Other times, I still think I'm in my 20's. I had a great birthday. Jeff and I went out to dinner last night while the kids played at a friend's house. It was a fun night out.

Today we spent the morning in the Draper temple. My cousin Ashley got married. I'd only been to the Draper temple during the open house, so it was nice to go back. My cousin is young and in love. It was cute to see them so happy. The sealing was absolutely amazing. The sealer was so insightful and gave such a great lesson about what takes place in the temple and why. It was such a good refresher.

We were supposed to have a soccer game today for Big Man but it was raining pretty good, so we decided to skip it. I took a nice refreshing nap with no little kids bugging me. That was a treat. I wanted to take the kids to see the witches (at Gardner Village) today as well, but we're going to wait until it's warm and dry. We opted to go out to dinner with the kids before hitting my cousin's wedding reception. It was yummy. Joe Morley's is one of my favorites. I had to fight three kids for the mud pie. They thought it was pretty yummy too.

The reception was so beautiful. I thought we were only going to stay for a second, but the kids were having way too much fun.

This picture of Big Man cracks me up. The guest formed a circle around the bride and groom for their first dance together. Big Man sneaks over by this girl (one of the bride's friends I think) and before we know it he's holding her hand. We asked him about it later and he said she asked him if he wanted to hold her hand. He had the biggest grin on his face the whole time. We may be in for trouble :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Fun

Tonight was our ward Halloween party. The kids have been trying on their costumes for weeks, but tonight they got to show them off. The party was fun. There were games, prizes, candy, and yummy desserts. They all had a good time.

Last night Big Man lost his 3rd tooth. It was barely hanging there, so pulling it out didn't take much effort. He was pretty excited to have it out. The one right next to it is loose too, so soon he'll have a big toothless grin. I can't believe how fast he's grow

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's official: Boy 3, Girls 3

Looks like we'll be evening out the score in our family. The fourth and final Hansen child will join our family in March. My due date is March 17th, but I'm hoping for the first part of March since I always go two weeks early. We had our ultrasound this morning and it's a GIRL!!! Everything looks great. I am 18 weeks along and finally feeling pretty good.

We decided a while back (even before we got pregnant) that we would keep it a secret for a while. It sounded good in the beginning. From the moment I found out that I was pregnant, I felt awful. It's no fun being sick and having to put on a happy face. My mom told me I looked tired all the time, but she had no idea :) Around 10 weeks, I was ready to tell people, but Jeff still wanted to keep it a secret. I told him fine, but we were telling people at Little Man's birthday party the early part of September. He reluctantly agreed. At this point, my tummy was starting to get big and it was harder to hide it.

We had waited to tell the kids we were expecting until dinnertime the night of Little Man's party. They were excited, but it was kind of no big deal. We thought they would blurt the news as soon as everyone got there, but they didn't. When all of the adults were in the room, I asked Little Man if he wanted to share the news-he didn't. So Big Man says, 'My mom is going to have a baby." It was cute. Everyone was excited.

Even after we told family, it was kind of hard to just announce it to everyone I know. So if you didn't know before now that may be why. I did go ahead and tell my Gospel Doctrine class the first time I taught. I wanted them to understand why I wouldn't be able to remember anyone's name (pregnancy brain). I wanted to wait and announce it online after our ultrasound.

We're excited. I think it's going to take Jeff a while to get used to the thought of having two girls. He already thinks Little Princess is emotional and dramatic :) Now we'll have to times that by two. The best part is I get to use all my cute little girl clothes and bows and dresses again. Little Princess grew so fast that she didn't stay in some of her stuff for very long. The other good news is that now I can get of all my boy baby clothes. That'll clean out half of my attic.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kids say and do the darndest things...

I sometimes wish I wrote down all the funny things my kids say. Sometimes I remember, but other times I don't. Here's a few that I do remember.

Little Man: Mom, Dad just took a haircut, he needs you to come and see if it looks great.
Little Man: (after telling him that Grandpa was going to the temple) He's probably going to see Jesus.

Little Princess's favorite things to say now are 'nowhere' and 'because'.
Me to LP: where is such and such? Nowhere.
Me to LP: why did you do that? Because.
She's only two and got an attitude.

Kindergarten has been a great success so far. Every day Big Man comes home and converts a part of our house into something they've done at school. We have different 'centers' set up all over the place. While I was resting one day, he took all the bingo cards (that I was going to use for his Halloween party) and taped them around the house. It's just like 'write the room' that they do in school. I love that he's learning and having fun at school. I just wish it involved less tape and mess on my house :)

Every day my kids amaze me and make me laugh. I love learning and growing with them.