Saturday, January 29, 2011

Before Baby List

The other day I created a list of everything I want to get done before the baby gets here. I came up with quite a few. Most of them are little things. One of them was to catch up on my scrapbooking. I've done pretty good to stay caught up, but I wanted the next pictures I did to be of the baby. So I printed out my last photos at Costco this week and I spent the afternoon scrapbooking. I love to look at pictures. It reminds me of all the good times we've had and how cute my kids are. I love their expressions and personality as it's captured in the photos. I have good kids and I love them a ton.

So because my scrapbooks are all caught up, I will not be taking any pictures until the baby arrives :) At least that is the plan. We'll see how it goes. Stay tuned though for more posts as the countdown to baby begins.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Night

This weekend we had a fun date night: me and the boys, and Jeff and Little Princess. Big Man's school had their annual night at Classic Skating. I thought it would be fun to take the boys, but didn't want to have to worry about Little Princess there. She'd want to be right in the middle of everything, but she's too little. So Jeff took her on her first daddy-daughter date.

We told Little Princess about it earlier in the day that only her and dad were going on a date. She thought about it for a minute and then said-I'm so excited. It was cute. It's funny to see her little mind working sometimes. They ended up going to the mall to ride the carousel, window shopping, eating some pizza, and then to feed the fish at Cabela's. Jeff said she was so funny walking in the mall. She really liked the jewelry and shoe stores-what girl doesn't right? She had a fun time. When I was a little girl and went on daddy-daughter dates, my mom would tell me as we left-no kissing. So of course before we left the driveway, I would kiss my dad. I did the same thing with Little Princess. I told her no kissing, so of course she gives Jeff a kiss. She definitely loves her daddy.

The boys loved their night at Classic Skating. It sure has changed a lot since I was a kid. You can now ride scooters on the skating rink. That's what we did since I didn't want to deal with skates. The boys had a blast. There were several friends from our ward and from Big Man's school, so they had fun keeping up with them. After they tired of their scooters, we went and played games for a while and then ended the night in the bounce area. They'd come check in with me where I was sitting and they were all sweaty and out of breath. They were playing hard. It was a fun night.

Saturday night Jeff and I watched the movie Inception. I'd heard how good it was from several people. I enjoyed it, but WOW. It was pretty intense. I'm not quite sure it's a good movie to watch right before bed AND being 8 months pregnant (when I already have weird dreams). I was up several times with bizarre scenes running through my mind.

It's now Sunday night and the weekend is ending with me catching a cold. When I was pregnant with Little Princess, I had four colds in the first four months of my pregnancy. This time around, I've only had one minor cold-until now. It's gotten worse as the day has progressed. I can hardly breathe I am so stuffy. I've taken a few Sudafed and they help for a while, but then wear off. I just hope this cold passes quickly.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lunchtime at the Barnyard

So what do you do with these long dark cold January days? We usually bake at our house. Today's item was Banana Bread. As soon as two dozen hot fresh Banana Bread muffins were done and cooling on the counter, I went back to some projects at my desk (still in the same room-mind you, but with my back to the counter). Minutes later, Little Man had all but 7 muffins cut up and divided to the barnyard animals. As he placed a piece in front of each animal, he told them 'wait, not yet'. Good thing Banana Bread doesn't take long to make or I would've been mad that our baking project had gone to the animals.

When I picked up Little Man from preschool earlier today, he says to me-Mom do you know you have taste bugs on your tongue? I just laughed and said, yes I know that. I told him that it was taste buds and since that he has told both his brother and sister at separate times-you have 4,000 taste buds on your tongue. I love seeing him learn new things. What a cutie.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

30 down, 8-10 to go

I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, but I was going through my New Year's pictures and realized that darling husband took this picture of me without me knowing. Ugh. I hate pictures of me when I'm pregnant, but oh well. I didn't realize I was getting so chubby :) I have absolutely NO pants that I like. Maternity pants are the worst. The ones that go below my belly won't stay up, and the ones that go over my belly sag down. I can't win. All of my shirts aren't long enough to cover the 'kangaroo pouch'. I think I'll just hide out in the house and not worry about it.

So today I am officially 30 weeks pregnant. Officially there are 10 weeks left, but since I have gone two weeks early with all three kids, I'm hoping for 8 remaining weeks. After the kidney stone right before Christmas, nothing eventful has happened. I did find out from my doctor's office that I am anemic, so I'm blaming that on the extreme fatigue and irritability :) I've started on iron pills, so hopefully I'll have some more energy soon.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

We spent our New Year's in Meridian, Idaho at Jeff's sister's house. We had a great time. It started out with a 7 hour ride up there due to the bad weather. The kids were troopers-other than asking how many more minutes about 200 times. The kids always have fun when they get together. We counted down the New Year at 8:30 so the kids could still go to bed at a decent hour. We played some games, had Ice Cream, and made lots of noise.

We also went to Bounce while we were there. The kids thought this was great fun (Jeff included). I had a good time watching. In addition to the velcro wall, there was an obstacle courses, giant slides, and other fun bounce areas.

Little Princess and Cousin O. They were cute bouncing around.

It was a fun, relaxing weekend. The trip home only took 5 1/2 hours. Much better than 7! It is nice to be home and get back into our schedule again. Goodbye holidays, hello New Year and countdown to baby.