Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Boy

My kids are getting to the age that if you buy one something, you have to buy the others something as well. So today I stocked up on school supplies. I bought a bunch of stuff that Big Man will need for First grade. I knew the other two would not be happy without anything, so I got them a few things as well. Little Princess got some crayons and colored pencils.

I was hurrying to get her to bed because I had somewhere to be, so I didn't think anything of her having the new crayons in her room while she was supposed to be going to sleep. I got home later to find out that she'd been up to no good.

I'm not even sure if crayon comes out of fabric. I guess we'll see tomorrow. When her dad saw what she'd done (before I did), he told her she was grounded. She just smiled at him, like yeah right. Oh boy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lamb Day 2011

I didn't get very many pictures of Lamb Day this year. It's kind of hard to keep track of four kids and take pictures of everything. That and I don't know how to work the new camera yet. I've got to get going on that! We signed the boys up for mutton bustin. They were kind of nervous, but did great.

Big Man took this picture at the parade. It wasn't nearly as hot this year which was so nice. The weather is usually in the 90's or higher, but this year it was a little more mild. At night, it even got a little bit chilly.
This was my 10th year at Lamb Day. Jeff and I started going when we were dating. I can't believe it's been that long. It's fun to see good friends, relax, let the kids play, watch softball and fireworks, etc. It's always a lot of work going anywhere for the weekend with kids, but it was fun. We're building memories together as a family and I think that is important.

Books Cliffs Camping Trip

Jeff drew a tag for the Book Cliffs this year. He took the boys and his mom last weekend to go check it out. They had a good time, even though it rained.

New Camera

Jeff and I decided to get a really nice camera. He wants to use it for hunting and I want it for pics of the kids and other fun stuff. Jeff had fun taking some new pics. I have yet to experiment with it, but I will. I can't believe what nice pictures it takes. Amazing.

Swim Lessons

Want a good way to tire out the kids? Sign them up for swim lessons. This was Little Princess's first year of swim lessons. She was so excited. Definitely the cutest little swimmer in the pool.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Parade & Carnival

Our neighborhood has a fabulous parade and carnival every year. It's one of the things we've really enjoyed living here. In previous years, the kids have ridden on the fire truck, but this year the guy who arranged the fire truck retired. The kids still had a fun time though. Here are my girls getting ready for the parade.
I loved this 'float'. Very creative and fun.
Nothing like wearing long sleeves in the middle of summer :)
A new part of the fun this year was a dunk tank. Big Man was in line immediately. He was dunked 2 or 3 times. He thought that was pretty cool.
There was also face painting. Big Man wanted to be a skeleton.
I'm not quite sure what Little Man turned out to be. He wasn't sure either.
In his own words, Big Man 'chowed down' on the watermelon.
There was snow cones, popcorn, a fish pond, dinner, and good friends to visit with. It was a fun night.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lessons Learned...

Is it just summer, or is it a new phase of learning for the Hansens? I don't know. All I do know is that we had a very rough week. Here are some lessons we learned.

1. You don't hit random kids at the McDonald's play land (even if they hit you first). You will leave without getting ice cream.

2. You don't sneak in the neighbor's garage when they're not home to 'rob' them of their popsicles, your brother will tell on you and there will be trouble.

3. You don't throw a doll house toy at your invited play date guest. It will cause a goose egg, he will be sad and want to go home early.

4. If you have too many mishaps in one day, your mom and dad will not take you to the carnival like you thought they would. You will be sad.

5. You do not start a random water fight at Dad's family reunion. Kids will be wet and upset. Mom will not be happy when another parent at the playground tells her that you repeatedly keep dumping water down the slide and none of the kids like it.

6. If you don't stop bugging the little girl at mom's lunch with her friends, she will bite you. It will hurt and draw blood.

7. If you stay up to watch the fireworks until 10:30 at night, you will be tired and ornery at church the next morning. Mom and dad will not be happy.

8. If you don't stop kissing, touching, bugging your baby sister, your mom will go crazy, and that is not pretty.

I'm sure there are more, but I may have blocked them out at this point. Here's to hoping for a better week.