Friday, June 27, 2008

Carnival O Fun

We took the boys to the Riverton City Carnival tonight. We were going to go to the rodeo, but decided this would be more fun instead. Big Man was so excited all afternoon that he wouldn't sleep. He kept asking all day if we were ready to go yet. Little man didn't quite know what to think, but he had a great time as well. We were a little nervous he wouldn't stay in the rides, but he did great. The first few Big Man ventured on his own, but Little Man was not going to be left out. I couldn't pick only a few pictures because they were all so cute. I did narrow them down though (believe if or not). You'll notice I'm not in any of the pictures. I'm the official photographer. I took pictures while all three of my boys enjoyed the rides. One of the perks of being pregnant.

This is Big Man's second time down the slide. This time he went all by himself.

We all had a great time. Luckily it wasn't too hot. We may have to make this a family tradition.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Decorating the Nursery

I don't know what got into me. I still have over three months to go, but I got a wild hair to decorate the nursery. I stenciled the wall with two very active helpers. I'm lucky there wasn't paint everywhere. We had a fun time-me painting and the boys jumping in the crib throwing things everywhere. We almost had some stuffed animals covered in paint.

I'm hoping that by the time the baby gets here, the newness of the baby's room will wear off. Right now the swing is the funnest thing to play in. I hope it makes it until her arrival. My almost 2-year old won't stay out. He was whining the other day and I kept yelling for him to come downstairs. When I went to find him, he was locked into the swing and couldn't get out. It made me laugh.
I've had lots of fun finding girl things. The dresser drawers already have a good start. It's so much fun to shop for pink. Jeff rolls his eyes at me, but secretly I think he's enjoying it too. She'll have him wrapped around his little finger. Big man is already looking for 'girl' things at the store for his little sister. I have so much help. We're definitely ready for her to come-even though we still have over three months to go. Hopefully it will go by quickly.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Recent Happenings

Big man calls this hairstyle 'the dinosaur'. While dad was styling it last Sunday, he told him he wanted to be triceratops. So this is the end result. He wore it to church like this. Surprisingly no one said a thing :)

This is why my house is always a mess. This cart used to house toys in our family room. The boys think it's fun to dump them out and come up with alternate uses for the cart.

Swimming in the backyard. I've got two little fish on my hands. They love everything to do with swimming and water. It doesn't even matter that the water is ice cold from the hose.
Big man went fishing with his dad and Grandpa last weekend. He's been talking about doing it for months and finally it happened. He was so excited to go. He caught one fish right before they left. This picture is from Grandpa's camera and for some reason it came across pretty small.