Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day here (at least I thought so). Big man made this in primary. His teacher is very creative and sweet. It made me and Jeff laugh.

She also took a picture of the kids in primary and wrapped them in pretty paper. It didn't scan well, but I thought it was worth including.

On Saturday Jeff took the boys down to Fountain Green. They spent some time at the farm and then up in the mountains . They even went for a hike-Jeff ended up carrying BOTH of them halfway up the mountain :) He's still sore two days later. They weren't real happy for any of the pictures that were taken.
While the boys were doing boy things, Baby H and I were doing girl things. We went to Super Saturday and had a great time and then I took her to get her ears pierced. I'm not quite sure what possessed me to pierce them now, but I did. She did pretty good. She cried a little but she was a trooper. This isn't the best picture of her new earrings, but it's still cute.

The most memorable part of Father's Day was Big Man's solo in sacrament meeting. For Mother's Day when he went up to sing he ended up being in the back behind some big kids and we couldn't see him. So for this performance we tried to prep him by telling him to stand up front. He was excited to go up and sing. He stood right in the front-center. Right on the stair in front of the podium. That was fine in the beginning, until he pulled the microphone down and started singing a solo. I looked at Jeff and asked if he was supposed to be doing that. I thought for a minute maybe the primary leaders had planned for him to sing a solo, but quickly realized that they didn't. Luckily the counselor in the bishopric turned off the microphone pretty quickly. When the song ended he didn't want to get down. The same counselor helped him hop down and come back to his chair. He's definitely not shy. What a Father's Day :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Times

Baby H's first ponytail. She only has enough to do the ponytail in the back, but it's super cute.

I was getting ready the other day in my bathroom when I heard in the other room-'let's be girls'. I chuckled and wondered what that meant. The boys came into the bathroom looking like this. Apparently being a girl means wearing pantyhose and high heels. Who knew? (Jeff's not too thrilled about this picture being on here)
This is how I found little man the other day. Looks pretty comfy huh?

Friday, June 5, 2009

T-Ball is Over

Wednesday was out last t-ball game of the season. I have the cutest boys on the team :) They got their pictures and trophees. They were pretty proud. The trophees have gone everywhere with us since then.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally-pictures are downloaded

I've wanted to update the pictures long before now, but someone never put my camera back after using it. He shall remain nameless :) I love this picture. It shows what an awesome view we have as well as Big Man being a nut.

Little Man is going to be the death of me. Sure he looks cute and harmless, but don't let that fool you. We almost had more staples yesterday afternoon. The kids went to scouts with me yesterday it was at the park. The scouts all rode bikes and scooters for part of their physical fitness achievements. My boys rode the scout's scooters while the scouts played kickball. Little Man was doing awesome until he decided to take on a little hill. He got going pretty fast and biffed it about halfway down. I looked over right as his head hit the cement. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt and no helmet. The absolute worst getup for this type of injury. He was covered in mud, scraped his elbow and foot pretty good, and cut open the back of his head. It wasn't in the same spot as his last staples. He wanted to even it out-it was on the other side. There were two little cuts that bled like crazy. I was worried there was gravel or dirt in the cuts, but after we cleaned him up a bit it looked okay. He had a huge goose egg on the back of his head and probably a pretty good headache all night.

Later that night while I was putting baby H to bed, little man gave himself some more medicine. I came down a few minutes later and he says, "I had medicine-a lot". I have no idea how much he took. It was the little medicine cup that goes with the Tylenol, so at most it was 3 tsp. The bottle was still pretty full, so I know it wasn't too much. He was so proud of himself for being helpful. AHHHH.

Annual Thomas Trip

We wait all year for this event and it's over in a flash. The boys had a great time at a Day Out With Thomas. This year we went with some friends, so it was extra fun.

I love Little Man's expression-what a nut.

Sir Topham Hat himself-ooh, aah.

Here's the crew.

Big Man's Preschool Program

Finally found the camera. Wahoo!!! Here are some pictures from Big man's preschool program. These are his buddies from the ward. Cute.

More friends from school. Big man is very social and loves playing with his preschool friends.

Baby H at the program. She loved it :)
I have been very impressed with the New Sunshine preschool. His teachers made an end-of-the-year scrapbook for all the kids. It had pictures of different activities throughout the year. It was fun to see some pictures of him at school. They did some fun activities. He had a great year.