Monday, February 28, 2011

This weekend...

This weekend we celebrated Jeff's birthday with my family. Big Man had been over to Grandma's earlier in the week and he planned the whole party out. He made a list of games to play and a grocery list of stuff that was needed for the party. So last night, he was in charge of games at the party. It was hilarious. Some of them included: jumping, hula hoop, bingo, and pin the nose on the bunny. The kids had a blast and Jeff and my brother were good sports. Jeff had big man on his lap and told him that this was the funnest party he'd ever had. Big Man gets a smile on his face and says thanks dad, that makes my eyes water a little. He's such a cutie-and quite the event planner too.

I've been having trouble sleeping the last few nights. I went to bed at 10:30 last night, but as midnight rolled around, I was still awake. All of the sudden the alarm on the clock went off. I jumped up and turned it off. Before I knew it Jeff was out of bed and had picked up his phone. He was checking messages or something. He went into the bathroom and then headed downstairs. I waited a few minutes to see if he was coming back. Finally I decided just to go to bed. I actually fell asleep pretty quickly after that. So this morning I asked him about it. He told me went downstairs thinking it was 6 a.m. and was so tired decided to go back to bed for an hour. When he woke up an hour later, he wondered why in the world he was downstairs in the middle of the night. I can't stop laughing. I'm sure he'll be thrilled I shared this story, but it was pretty good.

Finally the last noteworthy event of the weekend. Sunday morning I woke up at 4:45 with a stuffy nose, sore throat and a major side ache. I laid in bed for a while to see if the side ache would go away. When it didn't I went downstairs and decided to read for a while. It only got worse. Little Princess's labor started out as a stomach ache that got progressively worse and turned into contractions, so I was kind of curious if this would be the start of labor. From 5 a.m.-1 p.m. my back and side were killing me (during which time I had to teach a gospel doctrine lesson-ugh) . It was a constant pain though and not starting and stopping. I called labor and delivery and she said if it was false labor to take a hot bath and it would go away. So I did. The pain lessened a lot and once I laid on the bed the pain came back in short little bursts-about 3 seconds every minute or so. It was really bizarre. By about 4:00 it went away completely. Through all this, I was really tired and ornery-sorry family :( Since then I have felt fine. I've never had false labor before and I have to say it's really disappointing. It gets your hopes up all for nothing. Not to mention being in pain for that long only to have it go nowhere. Oh well, I'm hoping this week we'll have some real results. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

37 Weeks and...

All is well. In fact everything looks better this week than it did last week. My blood pressure is down, I was down 1/2 a pound (water weight I'm sure), I'm not nearly as swollen and I feel pretty good. So I'm guessing she's not in any hurry to come out. As long as I feel like this, I don't mind going another week (or two if I have to) :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Little Bride

This is how Little Princess entertained herself today while I was grading homework. She raided my drawer to play dress up. The ensemble consists of my knee-high socks and a slip. What a nut.

This next picture is a bit small. I borrowed it from my friend's Facebook account (thanks Katie). We went out last night with some friends for Jeff's birthday. We ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then went to the RV Show. It was fun. I got a hilarious video of Jeff sitting on the saddle for his birthday at the restaurant, but so far he won't send it to me. The RV show was fun. There are some cool trailers out there. Some day we'll get one... Jeff had to try out the tub in this trailer. We had a good time.

Last Friday was 'walking report card day' at Big Man's school. I'd never heard of this before. I went to his class to see firsthand his progress over the year. All of the parents were invited. The teacher had a packet of stuff for each student to do. It included letters, sounds, reading, shapes, math, etc. It was a chance for Big Man to show off. I do his homework with him every day so I've seen his progress, but I was proud as I watched him do everything on Friday. He's such a smart little boy. My favorite part was a self-evaluation he got to fill in. There were three options-a smiley face, a straight face, or a frowny face. Most of his answers were smiley faces, but there were a few that he put straight faces on. One was listening to his teacher, another was working by himself. When I asked him about it, he said that everyone always wanted to talk to him. He makes me laugh.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

36 Week Appointment

Today was my 36 week doctor appointment. My blood pressure is starting to get high. This is around the same time when it was high with Little Princess. I am dilated to a 1 and 60% effaced. So now it is a waiting game. This is the part I am not good at. I'm not a patient person by nature and combine that with swollen feet, restless nights, and three other active kids-not a good combination. But we will plug away.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

35 Weeks and counting...

First of all I couldn't resist taking a picture of this little lady. She had to wear red to church on Sunday because I was wearing a red shirt. Next thing I know she's found a tie to add to the ensemble. She wore it to sacrament meeting and had to tickle everyone's face with it. That's what dad does with his tie during church. What a nut.

A friend of mine posted this picture of the kids. This was taken at her house. They live two houses down from us. The boys play over there all the time, but occasionally Little Princess will tag along. Looks like they had a fun time.

Finally the reason for my post. I am officially 35 weeks. Things are going well. I go in next Wednesday for my 36 week visit and my doctor will start checking to see if I'm dilated. Hopefully it will go by quickly!!! I'll keep you posted.