Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a very Happy Thanksgiving. It was fun to spend time with family and relax a little bit. Jeff went shopping on Black Friday. He always gets some good finds. Black Friday was also our anniversary. It's been 7 years of wedded bliss :) I can't believe how quickly the time goes. With all the great deals going on this weekend we decided to get the boys bunkbeds (and no we're not expecting #4). We weren't going to do it until Little Princess was ready for a bed, but we didn't want to miss the great sales.

Here's the boys room.
And the good news-I have a toy room again :) I am so excited. I didn't realize how much stuff the boys have until we put it into one room. It's pretty full.
I also went through Little Princess's clothes. I have a bag of clothes in her closet of things that are too big. I go through them occasionally and move them to her dresser. This outfit was in there and I thought it was adorable. She has so many skirts and dresses that if I only use them on Sunday she'll never wear them.
It's been a busy but fun weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Card Preview

Okay-it's official. All Hansens will be featured in this year's Christmas card. Wahoo!!! This is the first year that has happened. I am not posting the picture that will be used in the card, you'll have to wait anxiously by your mailbox for that :) If you're not on my Christmas card list, email me and I will add you.

Can I just say I have the cutest kids. Sure they're naughty and make me pull my hair out most days, but when I see pictures like this my heart melts.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grandma Susie's new digs...

Grandma Susie got to have a week long sleepover at our house this last week. The closing on her new condo didn't go down quite like we hoped it would, so she got to come and stay with us. The boys loved having her in the basement. Jeff and I even got to have a date night while she was there. Once she closed on her condo, we got to work painting and fixing it up a bit. Here are some before pictures.

This is the outside of the building. She has a great view. It's a bottom, corner location.

This is outside her kitchen window.
The master bedroom.
One of the smaller bedrooms-you've gotta love the pink. The bottom part and trim are kind of cool. She's going to paint the top part white.
The other smaller bedroom-with the lighting, you can't really appreciate how purple it is. Again, the bottom part is cool, but she's going to paint the top.
Who doesn't love a bright yellow bathroom??? We painted it a nice soothing taupe :)

This is the main family room. I'm not quite sure if they sponged this wall, or what happened. It was quite interesting. It's now a nice taupe color as well.
This is the kitchen. You can see the nice hardwood floors. The flooring throughout the whole condo is great. It's wood in the kitchen, family room and hall. Tile in the washroom and bathrooms, and carpet in the three bedrooms.
The camera battery died before we got some good 'after' pictures, so stay tuned...
We're very excited for her to be in her new place. It's only a 15 minute drive from our house and it's shaping up quite nicely. Congrats Grandma Susie!!!

I love messes...

Sometimes I feel like all I do is clean up messes. It's at least three times a day (if not more). If suckers or popsicles are involved, it's even worse. This particular day, the boys decided we needed candy canes from Walmart. Little Princess loved them. I think she was blue all day.

My other mess maker. Little man loves to help while I'm baking. I was making pumpkin cookies and I'm not quite sure what happened, but he somehow fell into the batter. What a helper.

I know Halloween is way over, but I found this picture when I was cleaning off the camera. I thought it was way cute. We wore these shirts A LOT in October.