Saturday, November 9, 2013

October Fun

I am way behind on pictures, so I decided to put all of October in one big long post.

Little Princess had a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  This was our 3rd year going with the preschool. The kids love it.

This year they had some turkeys there to entertain the kids.  A lot of the kids didn't like them, but mine did!

These two little darlings can play so cute together.  They entertain each other a lot.  This usually means a lot of messes.

I love it when they just hug for no reason at all.

For my birthday I took my two favorite girls to lunch at my favorite restaurant-The Spaghetti Factory.

The school had a Halloween carnival at the park. The kids had a great time.

A friend's husband made this costume.  It was one of my favorites.  Very creative.  The kids lined up to get candy out of the holes.

I guess I chose the photo that the kids had colored on in my phone.  Oops.  This little darling was so excited to come home from nursery with a 'Conference' bag.  There were treats, crayons, coloring pages, etc. to get ready for conference.  She carried it around for days.

Our ward has this fun little tradition of doing 'walk abouts'.  There are 2-3 families that are the treat spots.  You then walk around to these different homes.  It's been a fun activity to get to know people.  This particular night it was rainy and cold so it ended up being inside.  Since it was a Halloween theme, there were lots of fun Halloween related activities.  Little Princess is putting her hand into a bowl of gooey eyeballs.  She thought it was great.

My little homeless lady pushing around her shopping cart.  She fills it to the brim and then some and it goes all over the house with her.  She's a crack up.

The Halloween parade at school is always fun to watch.  It's not cool to stop and pose for a picture, so I have to get one on the fly. 

This is the best I got of the 4 of them in costume.  Our final Halloween events were trick or treating at the businesses in Nephi and in our neighborhood.

At the beginning of October we found out we're having a GIRL.  She is joining our family in February.  Jeff and I really thought it would be a boy, so we were kind of surprised, but excited too.  Since we found out,  I've been busy rebuilding the soon to be nursery.  I got rid of everything after The Mover grew out of them since I was determined she was the last.  It's been fun to get new things.  I had to set up the crib to see how it all looked.

I told Little Princess that we were going to change everyone's sheets.  When I went down to her room, this is how I found them.  Apparently changing sheets means ripping apart the entire bed and jumping on it.

Finally, my biggest helper loves to help me clean the bathrooms.  One day I will turn over the task to her completely.  Until then, I will capture her cute smile while she helps.