Sunday, June 23, 2013

Payson Lakes

Jeff is convinced that the more we take the kids camping the better they will be at sleeping in the camper. So this weekend we decided to go somewhere close. We went to Payson Lakes. I had been to the lower lake once several years ago, but not the one where we camped. It was beautiful there. We had a lot of fun.

We had some things at home on Saturday so it was a lot of back and forth.  This little gal was worn out.  Doesn't this look like a comfy nap?

We invited some of Jeff's family up Saturday afternoon to swim at the lake and have dinner.  It was fun to see them.

Of all my kids my girls were the dirtiest.  The little stinkers.  We got to use the tub and shower in the camper!

Doesn't she look innocent?  Can't wait to start the laundry :)

No campout is complete without s'mores.  Good sticky fun.

These two little cuties had fun playing. 

With the exception of The Mover's late night antics, I would say it was a successful trip. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Messmaker strikes again!

Seriously, who is watching this girl? Obviously not me :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fun in Logan

Jeff and I first met in Logan 11 years ago this summer.  It's hard to believe how much has changed since that summer.  We moved to Salt Lake after we'd been married about 7 months.  Since that time neither of us has spent any significant amount of time in Logan.  A couple of weeks ago, he found out he'd be doing a VIP Optics booth at one of the events up here this weekend.  We decided to pull the trailer and make a family weekend out of it. 

This is at Second Dam.  The kids loved it until Big Man slid down a dirt hill and scraped up his foot and Little Man feel off the tree he was climbing across and scraped up his chest and leg.  BOYS!

Another early morning view of Second Dam. So pretty and green.  I had forgotten how pretty Logan is.
I took the kids for Aggie Ice Cream.  Yum.  Especially at 10 in the morning.

Being goofy.

The petting zoo at Willow Park. 

I finally got all 4 kids to look at the same time and then the Emu wasn't cooperating.  At the last second he popped his head up.

We played at lots of playgrounds.

The kids were dying to get balloon animals at the farmer's market at the park. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ready or Not...Summer is Here!

To start out I get a new 'do'. I go from growing my hair out to chopping it off. I've been wanting a change for a while now and I finally did it. I couldn't get a great 'self portrait', but it does look cute.

Little Princess has had a rough adjustment to summer.  The first week, she was bummed that school and dance were over.  She got pretty bored.  The second week, she had to adjust to her brothers being home all the time.  I've never seen such tantrums and naughty behavior.  Hopefully she'll get better from here.  She was over at our neighbors house playing in their costumes the other day and my friend sent me this picture. 

Somehow with summer our window well adventures resumed.  We hadn't had any animal down a window well for a really LONG time.  This week, we've had two.  Little Man spotted the vole in his sister's window well first.  He saw it in the corner, so I got out the BB gun and shot it.  I was pretty proud of my first kill shot.  The kids had a good time looking at it.  We left the dead body in the window well and one of the kid's friends kindly disposed of it (with gloves on) for me.

This same friend caught with his gloved hands the second vole.  This little guy dug himself quite the tunnel in Little Man's window well.  C  came over and dug through his tunnels and pulled him out. The kids were pretty excited about it.
It looks furry and cute-NOT!
It tried to bite C through his glove.  Little Man took the honors with the BB gun this time. 

This bike has made it through all four of my kids.  I got new training wheels for it for The Mover.  She loved sitting on it, but it may be a while before she figures out pedals. 
And our final adventure was finger painting.  Somehow the paint got left out and open and The Mover found it.  The only thing she forgot was a paper to paint on.  What a helper!