Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome back...

Jeff's sister and her family just moved back from Hawaii. They came over for dinner on Sunday. The kids all had fun playing together. It's been two years since they all saw each other. It will be fun to have them closer so we can see them more often.

Friday, March 16, 2012

International Sportsman's Expo.

Jeff and my brother are at the SouthTowne Expo. Center for the International Sportman's Expo. They sell binoculars and other optics. Check them out at vipoptics.com We went to check out the show. There is a lot of fun stuff for the kids to do.

This is Big Man's 3rd year climbing the rock wall. He cruised right to the top. Little Man got about 2/3 the way up before he decided he was done. Little Princess also gave it a shot and surprisingly made it about as far as Little Man. I only got a picture of Big Man. (Oh and you'll have to excuse the camera, Jeff had the nice one)

There's fishing for the kids.



Tons of vendors

And cool animals.

Not pictured is the BB gun shooting and the dog show. They have a dog jumping contest into water. It's pretty entertaining. We had a good time at the show.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby M turns ONE!!!

I can't believe that my baby is one! Where did that year go. I love each of my children dearly, but I can honestly say that I'm glad we're past 'baby stage'. That first year is full of so many changes. It's nice once they start sleeping better, being more mobile, feeding themselves, etc. I know we have many more milestones to come, but I feel like we've crossed a major one.

Baby M's birthday started out with a homemade crown courtesy of Big Man. He specializes in these. She only wore it long enough for a quick photo op.

I decided to torture her on her special day and get her ears pierced. Little Princess got hers pierced at 8 months, but with Baby M I decided to wait until her birthday. I was shocked at how much the price had gone up for ear piercing in the last 2 1/2 years. Ugh. She looks adorable though and didn't even cry for very long. We treated her to an ice cream cone for all her troubles.

Birthdays are supposed to be fun right? Well Baby M didn't know. She decided to spend the day throwing as many fits as possible. I'm pretty sure she's getting her first set of molars. She spend the previous two nights waking up and screaming, so I'm going to blame molars. She doesn't eat real well when she gets teeth and it's tradition to get a runny nose and cough (you can't break tradition). By the time her party rolled around she was good and cranky.

She has perfected the back arch when she doesn't get her way. It's very fun and entertaining.

Despite not feeling good, she had a good birthday. She got some cute clothes, lots of stuffed animals, and beautiful new holes in her ears :) After a little coaxing, she even enjoyed some of her birthday cake. She is by far my cleanest one year old cake eater. It was much easier to hold her on my lap and let her neatly eat her cake than listen to her scream in the high chair.

Also this weekend, Jeff and I went shopping. We've been waiting to get a few things until we got our (meager) tax refund. We hit a few stores and then ended up at Walmart. Just so you know Walmart is not either one of our favorite stores, but we couldn't pass up a good deal. When we walked in the lady on the PA system announced that all clearance was 50% off the lowest marked price. What? Really? I got a cart and got busy. We bought each of the boys a new pair of cowboy boots, tennis shoes, and rain slicker boots for about $12 a boy. Score. I bought Little Princess some new snow boots for next year for $5. I got the boys new thermals for $1.50 each. I found a pair of black dressy boots for me for $5 The list of deals go on. This has to be one of my favorite shopping trips EVER. It's so fun to get good deals. The kids were thrilled to get new stuff and we marked off everything on our 'things we need' list.

The final event of the weekend was a new calling for me. I had a meeting with the bishop this morning at 7:40. Our church starts at 9. Doesn't sound too bad, right? Well I forgot it was Daylight Savings. That put my meeting extra early. I was called to be the 2nd counselor in the primary. I'm excited. I think it will be a fun calling. It will be fun to work with three of my own children and watch them further learn the gospel. Our ward was split two weeks ago, so every presidency is new and there are still a lot of callings to be made. It's going to be a little crazy for a while until we're fully staffed.

Gotta Love 'em

They fight like cats and dogs during the day (sometimes) and then they cuddle up by night. I used to post regular pictures like this when they shared a room and had bunk beds, but since we moved to our new house they each have their own room.

Tonight Big Man was having trouble going to sleep on his own. After we told him to leave his brother and sister alone, this is how we found them. It was quite the setup, complete with clock, music, books, favorite pillow and blankets, etc. and they were cuddled up together so cute. I couldn't resist taking this picture. I do have great kids (even if they do fight and act crazy half of the time).

Monday, March 5, 2012

Self feeding...Ugh

I knew it had to happen sometime, but this is not my favorite stage-when babies start feeding themselves. Baby M helped herself to the yogurt on the counter tonight. She made a huge mess, but had a great time. She thought it was pretty funny when her brothers and sister laughed at her. I couldn't pick just one picture. They were all pretty good.

In other news, we had a fun weekend. Saturday night we celebrated Jeff's birthday and went to the Turkey banquet in Nephi. Little Princess won a bike! It's a 20" bike. It's bigger than her 7-year old brother's bike. It may be a while before she uses it. She was SO excited.

Our ward split last week. We've heard rumors of it happening since before we moved in. The ward we were in was HUGE. It was pretty much split in half. We're in the newly formed ward. No assignments have been made for callings yet, so we only had sacrament meeting (last week and this week). It will be fun to see if we get new callings.

The last big news of our weekend is that we're new pet owners. You're probably thinking of something little, cute and furry-NOPE. We have a horse. I will have to post pictures later. It doesn't have a name. It's been called 'buckskin' or 'no name'. Hopefully that will change. It lives 4 blocks away at our friend's horse property. Jeff and the kids spent the whole afternoon over there today.

This weekend is my baby's first birthday. I can't believe she's already a year. I spent some time tonight looking through old pictures. She was so cute and little when she was born. It's been a crazy and eventful year. Look for that upcoming post with birthday pictures later this weekend. As I was looking through my pictures, I realized what a lucky mom I am. I have the cutest kids. It was fun to look at pictures of them when they were so little. It's crazy how fast they grow up.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss Dress Up Day

Not bad for throwing something together in 20 minutes.