Friday, August 26, 2011

Life in a Small Town...

Before I moved to Mona, I asked a friend that lived here-'What do people do in a small town'. She just laughed at me and said lots of things. I'm finding out that's true. I seem to stay pretty busy, just with different things than before.

This is my retake of Big Man's school picture. This was on his second day of school. So far he's doing pretty well. He's been tired adjusting to being in school all day. He's made some friends (mostly girls), but seems to be adjusting pretty good.

I'm trying to make some new friends too :) I signed up for the craft night for our new ward. It was making super hero capes. I thought the boys would love them and they did. I had a fun time getting to know some new ladies and sew without kids around.

In all my spare time :) I've been out raking rocks. Our yard is a work in progress. We're going to be planting grass soon, but we have to get the dirt ready first. There are tons of rocks and weeds from when they were cut down several weeks ago. I didn't take any before pictures. These pictures are 'in progress'.

You can't really tell from the pictures, but there are about 20 little rock piles that now need to be relocated. The lot is .70 of an acre. We're not going to plant all of it, but it's still been a big job.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of School

So come to find out my camera settings were off. I'll have to retake this picture since you can barely see him. Today was Big Man's first day of first grade. He was pretty excited. It's going to be an adjustment for him (and me) to have him gone all day. I can't believe how fast he's growing up.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

We had some family pictures taken a few weeks ago. With the move and everything else going on, I haven't had a chance to post them before now. They turned out pretty cute. My kids got restless (as you can tell from some of the pictures). Getting them all to cooperate was quite a task. We've definitely got some of the cutest kids around (and parents and grandparents too) :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cousin Camp

The first weekend in August every year is the Donaldson family reunion, aka 'Cousin Camp'. My kids have looked forward to it all year. It's a fun place where we camp. We had a good time.

All of my kids have had their picture taken in the dolphin swing, so we had to get one of Baby M. She loved it.
My boys ran around in their swim suits most of the weekend. There's a little creek that runs through the property complete with rope swings, bridges, and more. Hours of entertainment for wild crazy boys.

Me and Baby M. She's been a good little camper this summer. Between cousin camp and Lamb Day she did awesome. She actually sleeps better while camping (probably because she sleeps by me).
These little girls crack me up. Little Princess and Cousin O are about the same age. They have a great time together.
At the fishing ponds checking out the boat. All the kids (except Little Man) went out on the boat.

Best buds :) They're at such a cute age.
It's always a lot of work to get ready and a lot of clean up once we're home, but we're building memories.

Living in Mona

So in case you haven't heard the Hansens have moved. We now live in Mona. We sold our home and moved to the country. Mona is a very small town, no stores, no stop lights. It's ten minutes one direction to stores, restaurants, etc. and 20 minutes the other direction. We have only been here one week and so far it's been good.

This is our new home. It's a little roomier than our last house. We love the house. The yard will be a work in progress.
This is the view of Mt. Nebo off our back deck.
It's going to be an adjustment for this old city girl, but so far it's been a fun adventure. School starts in a week and a half and I'm quite excited for the kids to make some more friends. There are lots of kids in the area, but we haven't met them yet. School and church will take care of that.

Happy Un-Birthday Big Man

I am way behind on blogging. I guess that's what happens when you move. Last weekend we celebrated Big Man and Grandma Snell's birthday. Grandma and Grandpa Snell and Chris & Becky and their kids all came down to see our new house and to have a party. It was kind of crazy since our house was still in disarray, but it was fun.

I had to include this cute picture of Baby M. She has not liked this whole moving business. She thinks she needs to be held all the time and that definitely doesn't work while moving and unpacking. This is what she thought of the exersaucer.