Friday, June 25, 2010

Riverton Rodeo

This was our first year at the Riverton Rodeo. I've been to many rodeos, but this was Little and Big Man's first. The best part was, it was only five minutes from home. Here are my three cowboys. Aren't they cute? You can't see in the picture their cute cowboy boots. They were all decked out, complete with the bandana around Big Man's neck (random).

It was a bit warm in the beginning, but we had a breeze and soon the sun set. It was the perfect rodeo night. And what rodeo night wouldn't be complete without ring pop?

I was trying to get Little Man to show me his green teeth, but this is all I got.

This picture didn't quite turn out like I'd hoped, but it was so cute watching the boys sit on the row in front of us eating Kettle Corn. They had a great time. It was a fun night.

Conversation with Little Man

Totally random and out of the blue, this is the conversation with my son this afternoon.

Little Man: Mom, Eden was in our church book.
Me: the garden of eden?
LM: yes.
Me: that's where Adam and Even lived.
LM: yeah, they were hungry, that's why they ate the fruit there in the forest.

I love kids.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sleepover at Grandma Susie's

The boys had a sleepover on Friday night at Grandma Susie's house. This was the first time that Little Man got to sleep over. He was pretty excited. One of the things they did was watch the first Harry Potter. Grandma Susie is a big Harry Potter fan. She had glasses for them to wear and wands. They said they liked it, until it got to a scary part at which point they turned it off. They had a great time. My kids love spending time with their grandparents. It's nice to be so close to them.

Little Princess got to hang out with mom and dad while her brothers were having a sleep over. It's always fun to spend one on one time with each of the kids (which doesn't happen very often).

Just wanted to wish my hubby a great father's day. Hard to believe that he's been a dad for 5 1/2 years now. Time flies. He's such a great father and his kids all adore him. Me too :) I've also been blessed to have a great father. He's the best. I'm glad we get a day to celebrate them.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Fun

Last week my boys started a summer preschool program. They have loved it so far. I put Big Man in it last summer and it was great. I thought this summer would be the only time they could ever be in the same class together. It's been good for both of them. They've been a little nicer to each other and Little Man seems to have grown up a ton.

This week right after preschool the boys have swimming lessons. They're both so full of energy that they have trouble holding still when it's not their turn. Hopefully tomorrow they'll stay where they're supposed to. I didn't get very good pictures, so more will follow.
While the boys were at preschool, Little Princess and I stayed home and cleaned up the house. We're both getting over runny noses so I didn't want to go anywhere. She had been following me around, but all of the sudden it was too quiet. I looked in every room and couldn't see her. When I called her name, I could hear this little voice coming from the laundry room. I went back and didn't see her again. When I looked closer this is where I found her. She's the first of the three to play in my dryer. What a nut.
I thought I'd put some more of Big Man's creations on here. These aren't craft creations, these are lego creations. He is amazing in what he creates. He will spend hours playing with the legos. He has a very specific idea in his mind of what he wants to create.

The other day he asked me to help him create an elephant with legos. I am not creative and I was going to build something pretty simple (or at least try). I pretty much just sat and watched him build this elephant. It's nothing like what I would've done, it's much better.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baseball Season is Over...

Our baseball and t-ball season is officially over. Little Man had his last game tonight. I finally remembered to take the camera. Here he is warming up before the game. He's the one sideways in the picture :)
I think he's under there somewhere :) You can barely see him under the helmet and hat.
His favorite part of the night? The pizza and doughnut party after the game.
It was a fun season, but it will be nice to have our evenings back.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Random June Stuff

I finally took my camera to big man's game on his second to last game of the season. He looks so serious.

This is the third year we've bought these planters. They hang out on our front porch.
This is the second time a bird has built her nest in there. This was taken right after they hatched. Hope they don't drown when I water them :(
Today I straightened Little Princess's hair. I wanted to see what it looked like. It was pretty cute for a while. She's got the darndest cow licks :) It won't lay straight no matter what I do.

She's such a cutie. She's doing awesome on potty training. We still have some accidents (especially if we're outside), but she knows how to do it :) We're slowly getting out and about more. I feel like we've been on home bound for the last week. The boys have been troopers, but they're a little stir crazy. Good thing they start summer preschool on Wednesday. Hooray.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Riding the "Potty Train"


I was so NOT ready for potty training, but Little Princess has been showing some interest over the last little bit. She always wants to sit on the potty chair. If I have a good 1/2 hour or 45 minutes to spare hey why not. She even gets mad when I tell her we're done. She's only 20 months, which is kind of young. This is the same age that Little Man started taking his diaper off and pulling out the potty chair. It's amazing how motivated they are when they see an older sibling doing something.

So this last weekend in Boise, she watched her little cousin "O" be a big girl and go on the potty. She was fascinated. She even told me when we were up there that she had to go poop. I took her into the potty and she actually did go poop. Amazing what an example will do for the teaching process. We got home Monday night and tried to get back into our routine. Tuesday was busy and we weren't home much, but again Little Princess persisted at sitting on the potty. I decided to give it a go on Wednesday morning. Before I could even bring it up with Little Princess, she wanted to sit on the potty chair, so off we went.

We spent the morning downstairs on the main level. The kitchen area has wood floors and they're much easier to clean up than the carpet. I'm amazed at how long she can hold her pee. I waited a good hour for her to go the first time. Of course I missed it because I had to run upstairs to get Little Man a band-aid. I was up there for less than a minute and of course that was her cue to pee all over the floor. The next time she started to pee she realized what she was doing and we got her to the potty. She actually got some in the potty chair. Good start, right. Oh and if you're totally grossed out, I have steamed my floors already :)

The morning progressed and we had LOTS of accidents, but we also started having some success as well. She was recognizing when she needed to go and making it a habit to go to the potty. I even let her play outside on the deck with Little Man and put her potty chair out there. She went over all by herself and peed in it. Little Man came in to tell me she did it. Of course there is lots of cheer and praise from me and her brothers for every success. She will even clap for herself. It's very cute.

My favorite was putting her on the potty right before we left for a ball game and having her go on command. I love it when they finally get that far. I also did that before tub time and she did it. I know that we're far from being done and that many accidents will still occur, but I feel much better about potty training having the first day under our belt.

Go Little Princess, you're awesome!!! and extremely adorable too. We love you.