Monday, January 23, 2012

Baptism in Boise

The first weekend in January we went to Boise for my nephew's baptism. He is the first cousin on Jeff's side of the family to get baptized.

Jeff took some random pictures before the baptism. Somehow we didn't even get a picture of A (the one getting baptized). Oh well. It was a fun weekend.

Big Man and his lego creating.

No actual baptism pictures, but lots of pictures of Uncle Andy kissing his girlfriend.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy New Year

I feel like I missed most of January. It has gone by in a blur. The biggest reason for that is me and the kids being sick for TWO weeks. We're finally on the mend and things are looking up. I thought I would update what we've been up to in the new year.

The first weekend in January we went to Boise for our cousin's baptism. I will put those pictures in another post. It was a fun trip. It's always lots of driving, but fun to see everyone.

Last weekend Big Man got to go to his own Baptism preview. It was a cute program where the kids learned about what it means to be baptized and start Scouts. Big Man was ready to go right then. Unfortunately, it won't be until the end of the year for him.

Baby M started with a cold about two weeks ago and it turned into an ear infection. She was one sick, miserable little girl. Thankfully she is doing much better and back to being cute and fun (for the most part). Me and Little Man caught the cold as well and have been feeling pretty yucky for over a week now. Little Man missed a few days at school, but got to go on his 'space' field trip. It was a big blow-up dome where they projected different constellations and pictures on the wall. It was pretty cool.

I also visited the bookmobile for the first time. It comes to the elementary school every other Tuesday. We picked out some books and movies and had a fun time. Since there's not a library close, this is the next best thing.

My girls sharing some computer time.

Baby M also got some new teeth while she was sick. She now has 8 little chompers in there.

I found this picture on the camera. Jeff took the kids fishing over Christmas break at the local fishing pond. Fishing at the end of December-only in this crazy weather.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Little Sunbeam

It's always fun when the kids get new teachers at the beginning of the year. The biggest change this year was Little Princess. She's now a SUNBEAM. That just blows me away. She's always loved church. She called nursery 'her class'. She was always so excited when she brought home papers or other handouts. She's growing up so fast.