Monday, May 30, 2011

Photo Shoot

My cousin is starting a photography business and needed some models. She mainly wanted to shoot babies, but my other kids got to join in the fun as well. We had a good time. If you want to check out her pictures her blog is

I of course am very biased, but I think my kids are the cutest :)

Thanks Chelsey for the fun pictures.

More This and That...

There are a bunch of random pictures on my camera. I took this picture of Little Princess because her hair was done up really cute. You can't see the hair, but I was blown away by how old she looks. How did she get so big? What a cutie

Big Man is at it again. He's really into playing angry birds on Jeff's phone. So one morning he decided to decorate the house with a bunch of angry birds. Some of the birds are from the movie Rio. He's so creative.
Our neighbors across the street had a yard sale. The kids found out about it on Friday night. On Saturday morning they were up early and excited to head over there. We told them they couldn't go over until 8:00 when the yard sale started. This is how they 'patiently' waited. They wanted to check out the toys and goods. I was pretty excited because I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of toys and stuff (ok not really). We're having a garage sale of our own this coming weekend.
We went to the zoo on Memorial Day. It was kind of bizarre to see snow on the ground. The weather held out while we were there until the last 15 minutes. At this point it started to hail. Crazy weather. We had a fun time though.
Baby M kept warm and cozy in the stroller for her first trip to the zoo. She was a trooper.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This and That...

Nothing too exciting has been going on with our family. We're getting used to being a family of 6. Baby M is two months old and gets cuter and cuter every day. In the last few weeks she's started smiling and cooing. I love to listen to her 'talk'. She's always doing something funny with her hands. If she falls asleep unwrapped, she'll stick her hands straight out. This is her ninja pose.
I'm sure she has MUCH more of this to endure. With three older siblings, I'm sure she's bound to be picked on a time or two. (Don't you love her cross eyed look?)

Big Man has the week off for Kindergarten testing. He did his test last Friday, so this week he's been a little bored. Today while I was exercising, this is how he spent his time. I'm surprised Little Princess sat still for him.

Not only did he do Little Princess's hair, but he also made a bunch of tickets for his hair shop. It's up and running if you need an appointment.
Finally we're grandparents-as far as chickens go. The baby chicks that we had at our house last year are parents this year. Jeff and the boys went down to the farm this week and were able to see the baby chicks. So cute.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where's Little Princess?

It's like one of those Where's Waldo pictures. Can you find Little Princess?

Jeff and I always have a good time going and checking on the kids after they fall asleep. We'll call the other one in if we find something funny. When I couldn't see Little Princess right off, I was about to look in another room. As a last minute thought I looked under the bed. She's never fallen asleep here before and it wasn't easy getting her out. What a nut.

Big Weekend

This weekend was Baby M's blessing. In the past we've invited all our extended family, but this time we just invited immediate family (so if you didn't know about it that's why) :) It was a lot less stress keeping it small. Jeff's sisters came down from Boise and we had a fun weekend. My little angel looks adorable in her white dress.

Before the weekend festivities began, I cut off all my hair. I usually do this when I'm pregnant, but this time I waited until now. It is nice to have it off my shoulders.
On Saturday we needed something fun to do to entertain everyone (not that running around the house wasn't entertaining). We decided to go bowling. The kids had a great time. It was fun to watch them. I have to mention that I got the high score at 114. I haven't been bowling in years, it was fun.
Our little brunch after Baby M's blessing.
Little Princess and her cousin O. They're pretty close in age and had a great time playing together. They were so cute.
We had a good time with all our family. We appreciate all their love and support.

Three Piggy Opera

Big Man's Kindergarten class had a performance this last week. It was the Three Piggy Opera. They practiced really hard on all the songs and their short speaking parts. It was really cute.

He told me he had 'stage fright'. But he did great. I can't believe how much he's grown up this year. The school year has gone by really fast for me.